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C-Motion Visual3D Professional

C-Motion Visual3D Professional

Visual3D is an advanced research software package for the Biomechanical Analysis of your 3D motion capture data. It has the analytical tools you need for performing complex biomechanical modeling, kinematics, kinetics, and much more...

Visual3D is the premier biomechanics analysis tool for measuring movement and force data as collected by almost any kind of 3D motion capture system. It provides the calculations needed for kinematics and kinetics - including support for instrumented treadmills. It includes the latest mathematical techniques for optimizations, signal processing and filtering, inverse kinematics, complex biomechanical modeling, forces and force structures, and much more.

Customers include universities, commercial, and government researchers studying rehabilitation, neuroscience, engineering, robotics, sports (performance tracking, injury prevention, equipment manufacture, exercise studies), orthopedics, prosthetics, animal studies, disability assessments, and much more.

Visual3D eliminates the need for custom software and local maintenance. It manages data, creating indexes for querying, includes complex mathematical expressions support, and provides the implementation of published algorithms and processes.


Custom, traditional, or standard biomechanical Models

Model development is rapid, graphical, and unrestricted. Visual3D modeling supports Global Optimization, 6 DOF, Conventional Gait, custom marker sets, virtual markers, segments, and more. Modeling is done graphically but allows for entry of direct measurements, inverse kinematic settings, inertial properties, graphic overlay adjustments, and much more.

C-Motion Visual3D - Models

Kinematics, Inverse Dynamics and custom calculations

In addition to metrics such as joint angles, moments, center of pressure, signal filtering, DFT, center of mass, energies, rotations, volumes, derivatives, and much more - you can also write your own computations. Full control of input parameters, Euler angles, rotation order for Cardan angles, coordinate systems, and other parameters make Visual3D the most powerful analysis tool for biomechanics available.

  • Integrated Support for Force Sensors, Force Platforms, Instrumented Stairs, and Instrumented Treadmills.
  • EMG and signal processing.
  • Export to OpenSim. Global optimization applied and .mot and.xml files produced.
  • Comprehensive Data Management of C3D files. Subject tagging and model association allow for integrated data sets.
  • External indexing allows for integrated access to libraries of data, subject, and files.

C-Motion Visual3D - Kinematics

A sample of just some linked-model based calculations that are available:

COP Path; Ground Reaction Force Data; Helical Angle; Joint Acceleration; Joint Angle; Joint Rotation; Joint Force; Joint Moment; Joint Power; Joint Power Scalar; Joint Velocity; Segment CG Position; Segment Proximal Joint; Segment Distal Joint; Segment Velocity; Model Energy Scalar; Potential Energy; Rotational Energy Terms; Rotational Energy Scalar; Segment Energy Totoal; Translational Energy Terms; Translational Energy Scalar; Linear Momentum; Angular Momentum; Segment Residual; Model COG; Segment Progression Angle; Target Path; Muscle Length; Model Moment of Inertia; Model Angular Momentum; UD Power; and much more.

C-Motion Visual3D - Samples

Technical specification

Visual3Dtm Key Features

  • Flexible Modeling - Global Optimization, 6 DOF, Conventional Gait, Virtual Markers, and more.
  • Biomechanics Calculations: 3D Kinematics, 3D Kinetics, & EMG.
  • Incorporated Force Sensors, Force Platforms, Instrumented Stairs and Instrumented Treadmills.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Graphing.
  • Export to OpenSim.
  • Comprehensive Data Management.
  • Enables and Supports Complex Analyses.
  • Real-Time Streaming.
  • Keeps a History of all Processing Steps on the Data.
  • 3D Digitizing Pointer Support.
  • Functional Joint Center Calculations.
  • Extensive Pipeline Scripting for Automation.
  • Real-Time Biofeedback, RT Analysis, RT Pipeline.
  • Relational Database Support.
  • Induced Acceleration Analysis.

Hardware Independent Research Software

Visual3D processes standard c3d files, ASCII, and custom inputs. Analog data (force plates, EMG, EEG, etc) can be integrated and processed with the motion capture data.

Supported Motion Capture Systems

  • Qualisys
  • Phoenix Technologies
  • Northern Digital
  • NaturalPoint Optitrack
  • Codamotion
  • PhaseSpace
  • Motion Analysis
  • Polhemus
  • Vicon
  • Xsens
  • and more...

Visual3D Software Version Comparison

Student Version

  • 15 Temporary 1-year Licenses
  • Total Visual3D Functionality
  • Read and Write C3D/CMO
  • Extra licenses can be added
  • Requires 3 Visual3D Licenses
  • Requires Active Support

Visual3D Professional

  • Permanent Licenses
  • Full Visual3D Functionality
  • Read and Write C3D/CMO
  • Single or 4 license versions
  • Real-Time Data
  • Support Available

Free CMO Reader

  • Not Licensed
  • Limited Functionality
  • Read C3D/CMO
  • No Segment Graphics
  • No Pipeline Support
  • No Modeling or Analysis


visual3d.pdf - English datasheet


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