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2018-11-12 CRI JOLANTA was presented at the international Vision Show 2018 in Stuttgart.

2018-11-12 11:42:22

Vision Show 2018 in Stuttgart

From November 6 to 8, 2018, CRI JOLANTA presented itself at the international Vision Show in Stuttgart. CRI JOLANTA at Matrox's booth showed, running on CRI MobiPC EMI computers, innovative CRI PharmaBraille Reader tools for reading PharmaBraille codes stamped on medicine boxes.

CRI PharmaBraille Reader is a proprietary tool created by CRI JOLANTA:

  • Available as custom Matrox MIL module or custom Matrox Design Assistant step.
  • Users need to specify the dot size, the number of lines and the number of expected characters in a single line.
  • Location of the region with PharmaBraille codes is detected automatically.
  • The tool reads PharmaBraille codes at any angle with varying contrast.
  • It recognized blank spaces, punctuaction marks and special formatting codes as capital letter and number.
  • The PharmaBraille Reader tool provides greater robustness and flexibility than traditional character recognition tools.
More informations available in product description: CRI PharmaBraille Reader

CRI PharmaBraille Reader

Running time: 4 min 30 sec

New brand of industrial PC MobiPC® is mobile industrial PC with embedded screen with touch panel, also available version with built-in keyboard. These MobiPC® PCs are especially dedicated to mobile vision systems and mobile measurement systems.

  • The smallest mobile industrial PC: 260 x 195 x 60 mm.
  • Embedded screen LCD 8.9" with touch panel.
  • Optional built-in keyboard.
  • Modular construction with possibile expansion with additional components.
  • Possible installation of half size PCI Express expansion card.
  • Possible installation of many HDDs, including SDD.
  • May be used as mobile video recoder for high speed industrial cameras with recording to memory or hard drives without loss of any image frames.
  • Available optional accessory devices: monitors, synchronizers, temperature recorders, signal recorders.
More informations available in product description: What is MobiPC®?

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