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What is MobiPC®?

2018-01-05 12:32:43

New brand of industrial PC MobiPC® is mobile industrial PC with embedded screen with touch panel, also available version with built-in keyboard. These MobiPC® PCs are especially dedicated to mobile vision systems and mobile measurement systems.
  • The smallest mobile industrial PC: 260 x 195 x 60 mm.
  • Embedded screen LCD 8.9" with touch panel.
  • Optional built-in keyboard.
  • Modular construction with possibile expansion with additional components.
  • Possible installation of half size PCI Express expansion card.
  • Possible installation of many HDDs, including SDD.
  • May be used as mobile video recoder for high speed industrial cameras with recording to memory or hard drives without loss of any image frames.
  • Available optional accessory devices: monitors, synchronizers, temperature recorders, signal recorders.

Mobile products MobiPC® family

CRI Jolanta MobiPC® Emi

MobiPC® is a family of products that includes mobile industrial PCs, monitors and auxiliary devices especially used in mobile vision systems and mobile measuring systems.

The mobility of these devices has been ensured by the very small dimensions of the device housing, which in the case of MobiPC® Emi PC with built-in LCD screen and keyboard do not exceed 260 x 195 x 60 mm. And the weight of this PC does not exceed 2 kg. In addition, the housing is made of aluminum, so it is very durable and resistant to operation in different external conditions, and at the same time improves the cooling of electronics inside.

MobiPC® unification

CRI Jolanta MobiPC® Emi

MobiPC® is a unified housing system for various devices. The MobiPC® Emi model is based on the base format with dimensions 260 x 195 mm. Different enclosure models with different heights are available for different types of devices.

A standard set of mounting holes allows you to connect PC enclosures with other auxiliary devices in one pile, making the whole device more handy when moving. This increases the mobility of the whole equipment. Some of the mounting holes allows you to mount additional accessories such as a support, wall bracket, mounting plates for cameras and illuminators and many others.

Flexibility of MobiPC® configurations

CRI Jolanta MobiPC® Emi

The MobiPC® enclosures are prepared for the assembly of various PC components such as motherboards, HDD and SSD disks, LCD screens, touch panels, video interfaces, data acquisition boards, extension cards, keyboards, etc.. This is implemented using dedicated mounting frames and masking plates. Thanks to this, it is very easy to customize the configuration of equipment for specific user requirements.

The format of MobiPC® Emi enclosures allows to embed the LCD screen with a touch panel sized from 8.9 "to 10.1" and keyboard, which is an ideal solution for mobile video recording systems and mobile measurement systems.

Available MobiPC® devices

CRI Jolanta MobiPC® Emi

The set of available MobiPC® devices includes the following products:

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